Uneingeschränkter Zugang

Interplays Between Corporate Reputation And Media – A Bibliometric Analysis


As strategic asset – determinant of sustained competitiveness – corporate/firm reputation has a very distinctive feature that sets it apart: although reflection of (better, worse or not at all performed) reputation management at a company’s level, it is rather a “representation” / “perception” – built on a business’s previous behaviors, but more precisely on the ways its different stakeholders have interacted (acknowledged, internalized, resonated) with them – in a (sometimes unconscious) process highly mediated and moderated by the media. Thus, the current study aims to explore the interplays between corporate/firm reputation and media as they are reflected in the scientific literature – through a bibliometric analysis of the WoS Core Collection database records (between 1992 and 2019), using the VOSviewer tool. With its emphasis on corporate/firm reputation and media, the paper shapes the broad theoretical backgrounds in anticipation of future research and empirical results to be revealed on a much more focused and applied/practical area, namely the reputation of the media in Romania.