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A Gendered Study of Attitude Towards Money in Delhi NCR


Money Attitude determines the financial behavior of an individual. Both males and females are expected to demonstrate different money attitude due to difference in socialization and childhood orientations. This preliminary study attempts to determine the contrast in money attitude of males and females in Delhi and National Capital Region and present a comparative analysis in terms of their spending and saving habits. Data from 117 male respondents and 126 female respondents was collected. Money attitude was measured by adopting four sub-dimensions of Money Attitude Scale (MAS) developed by Yamauchi & Templer (1982). Descriptive analysis and independent t-test has been devised to test the dissimilarity in money attitude between male and female in Delhi NCR. The results bring about contrast across gender in terms of the four sub-dimensions of MAS. The research has implications for marketers, sociologist, economists, psychologists, and financial planners. The further research can be extended in terms of demographic factors.