Uneingeschränkter Zugang

Ambidexterity – A New Paradigm for Organizations Facing Complexity


Complexity is rapidly and inexorably leading the global economy towards new configurations and new dynamics; within this (ever fluid and unstable) framework, the strategic dualities that govern organizations and shape their strategic choices are not only multiplying but also interacting and generating unprecedented challenges: new pairs of (apparent) paradoxes occur, sophisticated interdependencies take place amongst them, and therefore new approaches in search for strategic solutions are imperatively asked. Against this background, the main goal of the paper is to suggest a paradigm of organizational ambidexterity – which gradually integrates various angles and valences into partial solutions and eventually comes up with a complex construct incorporating different levels of organizational ambidexterity and multiple patterns of ambidextrous behavior – able to (dynamically) position organizations on the coordinates of the complex global economy, while providing them with the essential tools needed to achieve strategic competitiveness. Thus, by addressing a major organizational challenge (strategic competitiveness) through the lens of complexity (seen both as defining feature of nowadays and science that provides the instruments to deal with it) and advocating for the solution of ambidexterity, the paper will enrich the theory of strategic management and will offer businesses an alternative to their strategic approaches.