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Evaluation of drops dimensions and rheological properties in production of multiple emulsion in a vessel


The structure and size of droplets of the inner phase of a multiple emulsion and rheological properties of the produced multiple emulsion are presented in this paper. The multiple emulsion was produced in a stirred vessel equipped with four baffles. In the study, two different stirrers: turbine impeller and Rushton turbine impeller were used. The liquids used in the produced multiple emulsion were: distilled water and refined sunflower oil. 8 g and 16 g lecithin from soya beans were used as an emulsifier. The preparation time was respectively 15 min. and 45 min. The structure of the obtained emulsions is presented in the form of photos taken with the diagnostic inverted microscope. The results size of droplets were presented in the form of graphics as a distribution of drops. The rheological properties of the multiple emulsion were presented graphically and it was described using the rheological model.

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