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Optimization of (2E)-3,7-dimethyl-2,6-octadien-l-ol (geraniol) transformation process parameters using Response Surface Method (RSM)


This paper presents the results of studies on the transformation of geraniol (GA) in the presence of the natural mineral bentonite. The paper determines the influence of temperature, catalyst content, and reaction time on the course of the process. In order to determine the most favorable process conditions, the catalytic tests were carried out without solvent and under atmospheric pressure. Three functions were chosen to determine the most favorable process conditions: GA conversion and the selectivities of the main products: linalool – LO and beta-pinene – BP. In addition, the paper optimize GA transformation process based on response surface methodology (RSM). The impact of the most relevant process indicators was presented. For all factors of the method, their effects on all primary parameters were determined in the form of second-degree polynomials, and such process conditions were determined to achieve their maximum.

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