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Comparative evaluation of sodium tripolyphosphate production technologies with the use of a complex quality method


A technological quality method was used to compare two methods of sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) production. The first method was the classic spray method (CM) and the second was a dry single-stage method (DSM). The assessment criteria were environmental, based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) evaluation and economic, based on production costs. The technological quality assessment of CM was 6.5% lower in comparison to DSM. LCA environmental analyses showed that the partial environmental quality of DSM was lower by only 4.4% compared to CM. Partial economic quality was lower by 10.3%, mainly due to the lower energy costs (on average 52%) for DSM. The advantage of the new DSM method is the technological progress achieved, mainly due to the application of new technology, design, and apparatus solutions; thus, the basic elements of the activities proposed in the methodology allow for cleaner STPP production.

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