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Multiphase extraction of ephedrine from Pinellia ternata using bionic liquid-modified polymer


Multiphase extraction (MPE) was applied as a developed, convenient and efficient method in separation of ephedrine from Pinellia ternata. Firstly, in order to increase the adsorption efficiency, bionic liquid-modified polymer was created. Comparing the effects of all sorbents under variables conditions, the highest amount of 5.8 mg/g can be adsorbed on dual imidazole ionic liquid modified polymer (Im-Im-Poly) in methanol/water (70:30, v/v) solution at 25°C within 30.0 min. Then the Im-Im-Poly was applied in MPE, after 7 times repetition of extraction, around 1.0 mg/g of ephedrine from Pinellia ternata was detected. After washing by water, ethanol and methanol, and elution by methanol/acetic acid (99.0:1.0, v/v), ephedrine was successfully separated.

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