Selenium is one of the trace elements playing a crucial role in a proper function of living organisms. Selenium intake varies, largely based on the selenium content of food. The daily Se intake recommended for adults amounts to 55 μg per day. The mean level of selenium in the population varies considerably between countries. Recent studies on the selenium dietary intakes in Poland showed that it is not sufficient to meet the daily requirement for this microelement so it is strongly recommended to employ selenium supplementation. The commercial product SEL-BRCA1® being a selenium diet supplement was subjected to chemical and microbial analysis to determine its stability in storage time and conditions. Basing on the obtained results it can be stated that the stability of studied supplement, stored in the closed bottles, can be confirmed for the period of time up to 45 months after the production date and it is not recommended to store opened bottles for the period of time longer than 12 months. The studied supplement showed a very high microbial stability what underscores its usefulness as human medicines.

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