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Preparation and properties of nanocrystalline Ni/graphene composite coatings deposited by electrochemical method


The paper presents results of studies of composite nickel/graphene coatings produced by electrodeposition method on a steel substrate. The method of producing composite coatings with nanocrystalline nickel matrix and dispersion phase in the form of graphene is presented. For comparative purposes, the study also includes nano-crystalline Ni coatings produced by electrochemical reduction without built-in graphene flakes. Graphene was characterized by Raman spectroscopy, transmission and scanning electron microscopes. Results of studies on the structure and morphology of Ni and Ni/graphene layers produced in a bath containing different amounts of graphene are presented. Material of the coatings was characterized by SEM, light microscopy, X-ray diffraction. The microhardness of the coatings was examined by Knoop measurements. The adhesion of the coatings with the substrate was tested using a scratchtester. The influence of graphene on the structure and properties of composite coatings deposited from a bath with different graphene contents was determined.

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