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Time requirements in closed and open batch distillation arrangements for separation of a binary mixture


Batch time requirements are provided for the separation of binary zeotropic mixtures in two different multivessel columns (with and without vapor bypass), a non-cyclic two-vessel column and a regular batch column based on dynamic simulations. The first three columns are operated as closed (total reflux) systems and the regular batch column is operated as an open (partial reflux) system. We analyze the effects of feed composition, relative volatility and product specification on the time requirements. The multivessel arrangements perform better than the regular batch column, which requires from 4.00 to 34.67% more time to complete a given separation. The elimination of the vapor bypass in the multivessel column is impractical though it has a positive effect on the batch time requirements. Thus, the multivessel column, with the vapor stream bypassing the intermediate vessel, is proposed as the best candidate for a binary zeotropic mixture with low concentration of light component, low relative volatility and high product purity demand. Furthermore, an experimental multivessel column with vapor bypass is built and the corresponding experiments verify the simulations.

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