Kinetic investigations for ozone conversion on three different series of zinc oxide catalysts, containing pure ZnO and doped with Mn or Cu one with dopant content less than 1 wt.% were carried out. The different samples were obtained from carbonate, nitrate and acetate precursors. The as prepared catalysts were characterized by AAS, XRD, IR, EPR and BET methods. The mean size of the crystallites determined by XRD data is in the range 27÷68 nm. The presence of Mn2+ and Cu2+ ions into the ZnO matrix was established by EPR. The ozone decomposition was investigated for 30÷75°C temperature range. The zinc carbonate precursor samples show highest activity, while the nitrate precursor ones show lowest activity toward reaction decomposition of ozone in the whole temperature range. At 75°C two of the catalyst, obtained from carbonate precursor - ZnO and CuZnO show 100% conversion.

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