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Capacitor-Based Active Cell Balancing for Electric Vehicle Battery Systems: Insights from Simulations


Cell balancing, a critical aspect of battery management in electric vehicles (EVs) and other applications, ensures a uniform state of charge (SOC) distribution among individual cells within a battery pack, enhancing performance and longevity while mitigating safety risks. This paper examines the effectiveness of capacitor-based active cell-balancing techniques using simulations under dynamic loading conditions. Utilising MATLAB and Simulink, various circuit topologies are evaluated, considering real-world cell parameters and open-circuit voltage (OCV) curve modelling. Results indicate that advanced configurations, such as double-tiered switched-capacitor balancing, offer improved balancing speed and efficiency compared to conventional methods. However, challenges such as transient events during charging and discharging phases underscore the need for further research. By leveraging simulations and experimental data, researchers can refine cell-balancing strategies, contributing to the development of safer, more efficient battery systems for EVs and beyond. This study underscores the importance of systematic analysis and optimisation in advancing cell-balancing technology for future energy-storage applications.

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Informatik, Künstliche Intelligenz, Technik, Elektrotechnik, Elektronik