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Fault Tolerant Control of a Dual Star Induction Machine Drive System using Hybrid Fractional Controller


This paper presents a novel fault tolerant control (FTC) strategy for a dual star induction machine (DSIM) based on the combination of two types of robust controllers, namely a proportional resonant (PR) controller for current regulation and a fractional order PI (FOPI) for speed regulation. This FTC is associated with an indirect rotor indirect rotor field-oriented control (IRFOC) strategy. Fault feedforward compensation of the current components is introduced using the residual signal generated by the calculations passing through the PR controller. The fractional-order PI controller is applied as a feedforward fractional-order perturbation observer to the speed control loop, which attempts to minimise the error induced by the fault. In this context, a fault-tolerant control scheme is achieved. The performance characteristics of the proposed fault tolerant control for a dual star induction machine drive are compared with the fault tolerant control based on the conventional integer order IP (IOPI) to verify the effectiveness of the proposed FTC scheme under various conditions, by examining the robustness of the control in the presence of faults. To evaluate the performance of the proposed technique, simulation results are obtained using the Matlab/Simulink environment. According to the obtained simulation results, the proposed FTC system achieves significantly better responses than the conventional IRFOC system in terms of harmonics in the stator currents, and low oscillations in the electromagnetic torque response.

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Informatik, Künstliche Intelligenz, Technik, Elektrotechnik, Elektronik