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All-Bootstrap Gate-Driver Supply System for a High-Voltage-Gain Resonant DC-DC Converter with Seven Switches


This paper presents the concept and implementation of an electronic system for a switched-capacitor DC-DC converter with high voltage gain. The converter consists of seven switches, five of which being controlled like high-side type. This paper presents a non-typical bootstrap-based gate-driver system so that the converter can run using a single voltage source. The converter requires a special switching pattern to drive seven switches in a steady state and also during the start-up of the converter and the regulation of the output voltage. Therefore, an FPGA-based digital control system is used with various switching algorithms and protection functions implemented. The presented converter is an autonomic device that taps the energy from the main input. Therefore, the electronic system of the converter is equipped with a self-supply system with a wide range of the input voltage. The parameters of the converter such as voltage gain, voltages and power ranges can be scalable for prospective applications with the proposed control system.

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