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Circular Economy and Strategic Management of the Construction Company

   | 03. März 2022


One of the EU’s main priorities is sustainable development, which imposes the leading concept of a circular economy - an alternative economic model of the traditional linear economy. This poses new challenges to the company and managers and requires significant changes in strategic management, aimed at building competitive advantages by creating, offering and realizing additional economic, social and environmental value for the client, stakeholders and society as a whole. From this point of view, the research aims to: 1) Develop a model of strategic management - relationship between the circular development and the building of competitive company advantages, 2) Empirical study of the indicated connections and dependencies in the model and the influence on the process of building competitive advantages in companies operating on the construction market.

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Volume Open
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Architektur und Design, Architektur, Architekten, Gebäude, Materialien, Technik, Einführungen und Gesamtdarstellungen, andere, Physik, Mechanik und Fluiddynamik