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A New Neutrosophic Approach of Wiener Filtering for MRI Denoising


In this paper, a new filtering method based on neutrosophic set (NS) approach of wiener filter is presented to remove Rician noise from magnetic resonance image. A neutrosophic set, a part of neutrosophy theory, studies the origin, nature and scope of neutralities, as well as their interactions with different ideational spectra. Now, we apply the neutrosophic set into image domain and define some concepts and operators for image denoising. The image is transformed into NS domain, described using three membership sets: True (T), Indeterminacy (I) and False (F). The entropy of the neutrosophic set is defined and employed to measure the indeterminacy. The ω-wiener filtering operation is used on T and F to decrease the set indeterminacy and remove noise. The experiments have conducted on simulated Magnetic Resonance images (MRI) from Brainweb database and clinical MR images corrupted by Rician noise. The results show that the NS wiener filter produces better denoising results in terms of visual perception, qualitative and quantitative measures compared with other denoising methods, such as classical wiener filter, the anisotropic diffusion filter, the total variation minimization scheme and non local means filter.

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