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Successful Salvage Resection of Locoregional Colon Cancer Recurrence. Report of Four Cases


Locoregional colorectal cancer recurrence after curative resection remains a clinical problem despite improvements in surgical techniques. A surgical approach is usually preferred, although controversies exist. Retrospective studies have identified risk factors that may predict successful outcomes after reoperation. In the current manuscript, the experience of our tertiary oncology center involving cases with complicated locoregional recurrences is reported. Four such patients were identified, age 55-69 years old, who were treated with an aggressive surgical intervention in the setting of multimodality treatment including postoperative chemotherapy and radiation. Despite the presence of risk factors, such as involvement of adjacent structures, an excellent disease-free survival was achieved. We, therefore, propose that aggressive surgical approach supported by modern chemotherapy and occasionally radiotherapy for the treatment of colorectal cancer locoregional relapses should be considered in the setting of a multidisciplinary oncologic evaluation.

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