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Exploring Solutions and the Role of GDS Technology in Crossing the Current Pandemic Context in Tourism


In the current pandemic context, tourists increasingly need to receive assurances from the tourism and hospitality industry that their safety and health will not be endangered during their trip or their stay. Tourists increasingly prefer to plan their own trips and information technology is playing a very important role in the hotel and tourism industry. This study uses strategic management methods and comparative analysis to formulate strategies, measures, and solutions to maintain the safety and the health of tourists at the level of the tourism and hospitality industry. The aim of the paper is to provide solutions for the tourism industry in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, through a strategic managerial approach and by involving information technology and global distribution systems (GDSs) as a decision supporting tool. The results of the study are useful for small and medium enterprises to act efficiently in this pandemic context, but are also useful for GDS providers to reflect on possible improvements in system functionality to implement solutions and to support the decisions of tourists.

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