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Correlations of Oral Hygiene and Health Behavior of Teenagers Living in the Cumulatively Disadvantaged Northern Region of Hungary



In the present research, we aim to highlight the urgent need for prevention and health education by exploring the oral health indicators of the most deprived groups in Northern Hungary, especially in the light of the severely negative effects (pandemic) and circumstances of the past years.

Material and Method

The study included 111 students living in Borsod-Abaúj Zemplén county with a high level of disadvantage, but studying in a secondary school in a large city, average age 16.2±1.5 years, gender ratio 37.3/62.7(%).We performed a dental screening, completed a questionnaire on lifestyle and health behaviour, and used Rosenberg Self-Assessment Scale, Shame Experience Scale.


Dental status of the students is poor, with many decay and few filled teeth. They consumed energy drink, alcoholic drink (strong alcohol) in high percent, and this occurs great frequency in the family. Students exercise little outside of class, do not play sports regularly, and hardly ever see their parents playing sports. Students do little physical activity outside of school, do not play sport regularly and their parents are hardly ever seen playing sport. Their feelings of shame are minimal and their self-esteem low, many have special educational needs.


Together, the results can increase the separation of these social groups to an extent that is already difficult to manage even at the level of society as a whole. All of this calls for cooperation between psychopedagogues, special education teachers and health professionals.

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