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Hybridized Cryptographic Encryption and Decryption Using Advanced Encryption Standard and Data Encryption Standard


This research proposes an efficient hybridized approach for symmetrical encryption of image files in bitmap formats. Due to the heavy use of lightweight encryption in fields such as military and corporate workplaces, intruders try to intercept communication through illegal means and gain access to classified information. This can result in heavy losses if the leaked image data is misused. The proposed enhances the security and efficiency of one of the most used standard symmetric algorithms, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). In the proposed method, the AES architecture has been modified using a less intensive algorithm, Data Encryption Standard (DES). DES carries a sub-process of permuting data columns rather than the AES’s mixing feature. The proposed algorithm is analyzed using a set of 16 bitmap images of varying memory sizes and resolutions. The effectiveness of the algorithm is evaluated solely in terms of perceptual invisibility as per the main objective of the research.

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