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Enhancing the Speed of the Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) Algorithm by Adding Partial Distance Computation


Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) is one of the most widely used classification approaches. LVQ faces a problem as when the size of data grows large it becomes slower. In this paper, a modified version of LVQ, which is called PDLVQ is proposed to accelerate the traditional version. The proposed scheme aims to avoid unnecessary computations by applying an efficient Partial Distance (PD) computation strategy. Three different benchmark datasets are used in the experiments. The comparisons have been done between LVQ and PDLVQ in terms of runtime and in result, it turns out that PDLVQ shows better efficiency than LVQ. PDLVQ has achieved up to 37% efficiency in runtime compared to LVQ when the dimensions have increased. Also, the enhanced algorithm (PDLVQ) shows clear enhancement to decrease runtime when the size of dimensions, the number of clusters, or the size of data becomes increased compared with the traditional one which is LVQ.

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