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A Centralized Model Enabling Channel Reuse for Spectrum Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks


Cognitive Radio (CR) is an advanced technology, which intends to boost the radio spectrum utilization. On perceiving the spectrum holes, next there is a need to provide a fair distribution of the vacant licensed channels amongst Secondary Users (SUs) during the spectrum allocation process. In this context, our paper introduces two allocation models to resolve the spectrum allocation problem. Initially, we design a simple centralized model to assign the channels. Then, we extend it to a centralized fair allocation model that aims to impart a better utilization of the free channels. Both approaches assign a common channel to a group of non-interfering SUs simultaneously. This facilitates spectrum reuse. The constraint related to dynamics in spectrum opportunities in CR is handled during channel allocation. Simulation study analyzes the proposed approaches with an existing allocation mechanism and reveals the performance improvement of centralized fair allocation model in terms of spectrum utilization.

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