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An Enterprise IT Service Quality Model (EISQM) Based on Service Interaction and Its Empirical Research


The respondents’ perspective on service interaction is an important design consideration in service quality evaluations. In Information Technology (IT) field, the enterprise IT service, unlike the traditional service, entails more service interaction, evolving the interactions between the service users and IT department, the interactions between the service users and IT system. The importance of evaluating the enterprise IT service quality has been discussed for several decades. However, there is no universal agreement on the enterprise IT service quality model. This research, taking a cognitive approach, seeks to construct an enterprise IT service quality model based on the service interaction theory. Based on relative literature, we propose a two-dimensional model: human delivered service and system delivered service quality. Following a psychometric procedure, we have collected data and analyzed the construction of the model. The result shows that the enterprise IT service quality measurement instrument has been developed and validated. This model has provided theoretical support for IT service providers to measure users’ satisfaction and improve the service quality.

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