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A Robotized Projective Interface for Human-Robot Learning Scenarios


In this work we discuss a novel robotics interface with perception and projection capabilities for facilitating the skill transfer process. The interface aims at allowing humans and robots to interact with each other in the same environment, with respect to visual feedback. During the learning process, the real workspace can be used as a graphical interface for helping the user to better understand what the robot has learned up to then, to display information about the task or to get feedback and guidance. Thus, the user can incrementally visualize and assess the learner's state and, at the same time, focus on the skill transfer without disrupting the continuity of the teaching interaction. We also propose a proof-of-concept, as a core element of the architecture, based on an experimental setting where a picoprojector and an rgb-depth sensor are mounted onto the end-effector of a 7-DOF robotic arm.

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