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Volume Comparison in the presence of a Gromov-Hausdorff ε−approximation II

   | 07. Dez. 2018


Let (M, g) be any compact, connected, Riemannian manifold of dimension n. We use a transport of measures and the barycentre to construct a map from (M, g) onto a Hyperbolic manifold (ℍn/Λ, g0) (Λ is a torsionless subgroup of Isom(ℍn,g0)), in such a way that its jacobian is sharply bounded from above. We make no assumptions on the topology of (M, g) and on its curvature and geometry, but we only assume the existence of a measurable Gromov-Hausdorff ε-approximation between (ℍn/Λ, g0) and (M, g). When the Hausdorff approximation is continuous with non vanishing degree, this leads to a sharp volume comparison, if ɛ<164n2min(inj(n/Λ,g0),1)$\varepsilon < {1 \over {64\,{n^2}}}\min \left( {in{j_{\left( {{{\Bbb H}^n}/\Lambda ,{g_0}} \right)}},1} \right)$, then Vol(Mn,g)(1+160n(n+1)ɛmin(inj(Hn/Λ,g0),1))n2|degh|Vol(Xn,g0).$$\matrix{{Vol\left( {{M^n},g} \right) \ge }\cr {{{\left( {1 + 160n\left( {n + 1} \right)\sqrt {{\varepsilon \over {\min \left( {in{j_{\left( {{{\Bbb H}^n}/\Lambda ,{g_0}} \right)}},1} \right)}}} } \right)}^{{n \over 2}}}\left| {\deg \,h} \right| \cdot Vol\left( {{X^n},{g_0}} \right).} \cr }$$

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Volume Open
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Mathematik, Allgemeines