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Particle Swarm Clustering Optimization - a novel Swarm Intelligence approach to Global Optimization

   | 14. Aug. 2013

Clustering optimization methods for continuous nu- merical multivariable functions have been used for increasing the eficiency in the selection of the start points in multi-start global optimization methods. Methods of this kind usually have three steps: (1) sampling points in the search domain, (2) transforming the sampled points in order to obtain points grouped in neigh- bourhoods of local optima, (3) using a clustering technique to identify the clusters. After the clusters are successfully identi- fied, the set of local optima (and from it the global optimum) can be easily determined by applying a local optimization method for each cluster. The novel Particle Swarm Clustering Optimization (PSCO) method proposed in this paper is concerned with simul- taneous integration of steps (1), (2) and (3) from the classical clustering optimization methods by applying Swarm Intelligence (SI) techniques. Two existing SI methods provided inspiration in the design of the PSCO method: Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Firey Algorithm (FA).

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Volume Open
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Mathematik, Allgemeines