This experiment aimed at evaluating the influence of supplementing L-arginine in the diets fed to guinea fowls on growth response, haematological profile, serum biochemical indices and internal organs. A total of 300 one-day-old guinea fowl keets were allotted in a completely randomised design to three dietary treatments of basal diets (starter and grower) supplemented with 0, 0.5 and 1.0 g arginine/kg. Each treatment group was replicated four times consisting of 25 keets per replicate. At the starter phase, final weight, weight gain and feed conversion ratio (p < 0.05) improved as arginine level increased in the diet. However, feed intake was higher (p < 0.05) in the group fed 1.0 g/kg arginine supplemented diet when compared to other treatment groups. Final weight at the grower phase increased linearly (p < 0.05) with arginine supplementation without corresponding effect on weight gain in birds fed different arginine levels. Red blood cell counts, white blood cell counts and lymphocytes (p < 0.05) increased in the blood of guinea fowls fed diets supplemented with arginine. Creatinine and uric acid (p < 0.05) were reduced in guinea fowls fed arginine supplemented diets at the starter and grower phases, respectively. Liver weight linearly increased (p < 0.05) with arginine in the diets of the guinea fowls. This study indicates that supplementing guinea fowl diet with arginine at 1.0 g/kg at the starter phase and 0.5 g/kg at the finisher phase improved their growth and feed conversion ratio. Birds fed arginine supplemented diets had higher lymphocyte and reduced heterophil counts which may suggest a better immune response.

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