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Ophrys sphegodes subsp. helenae (Renz) Soó & D.M.Moore (Orchidacea): a new subspecies for the Bulgarian flora

   | 05. Aug. 2021


Ophrys sphegodes subsp. helenae (Renz) Soó & D.M.Moore is a Balkan endemic, for which so far there are data for distribution only on the territory of 2 countries: Greece and Albania. During a study of the flora of the Voyvodsko plateau, located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria, in April 2019 a locality of this species was discovered. The development of the population in the period April 2019 - May 2021 was monitored. The population consists of 3 individuals located on an area of 0.5 m2. Of these, 2 individuals are in a generative state and 1 individual is in a vegetative state. The abiotic and biotic conditions in the habitat are described. It is characterized by a rich floristic diversity: the associated species are 60 in number. Anthropogenic impact has been reported. The prospects for the existence of the population are indicated. It is proposed to declare the territory around the locality a protected area in order to preserve the habitat from negative anthropogenic impacts.

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Volume Open
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Chemie, andere, Geowissenschaften, Geografie, Biologie, Physik