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Design of Dye-Sensitized Solar triphenodioxazine using TiO2 as a semiconductor


The present work deals with the synthesis of multichromophores which strongly absorb the solar spectrum to functionalize the nanoparticle oxide semiconductor used in the hybrid cells. At first, we developed a material that forms a chromophore triphenodioxazine. We obtained some triphenodioxazines with high yields up to 70 percent. On the other hand, we have carried out many tests such as UV-Visible, Cyclic voltammetry for our molecules to check their electronic and optical properties. The results confirmed that these chromophores meet the criteria for use in photovoltaic cells. Finally, we have successfully realized photovoltaic cells with triphenodioxazine. The findings were very interesting since the photovoltaic conversion efficiencies ranged from 4.30% to 6.30%. The new synthesis strategy of these chromophores opens a way for the development of organic materials used for photovoltaics.

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