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The Analytical Expressions to Describe Wave Propagation and Heat Release During Microwave Treatment of Porous Inhomogeneous Plate Based on the W.K.B. Solution Model


In this paper study for wave propagation in non-homogeneous porous plate sample with slowly varying refractive index is presented. It is based on simple symmetric solution of the wave equation for linearly polarized electromagnetic wave aligned into the porous plate perpendicularly to the external surface. Using correct boundary conditions both the transverse electric (T.E) and transverse magnetic (T.M) modes, named shortly by (T.E.M) mode for electromagnetic wave, are considered. The Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin (W.K.B.) solutions for symmetric incident irradiation of fixed power generated at the plate surfaces was obtained. It is done the analysis of the reflection and transmission coefficients on the surfaces of plate.

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