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Induction Assisted Hybrid Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Materials AA5052 Aluminium Alloy and X12Cr13 Stainless Steel


This research aimed to study the induction in-situ heated hybrid friction stir welding (IAFSW) method to join AA5052 aluminium alloy with X12Cr13 stainless steel (SS) to enhance joint strength. The potency of this method on the mechanical properties and microstructural characterizations were also investigated. The results show that the transverse tensile strength gained was 94% of the AA5052 base metal that is 229.5 MPa. This superior strength was achieved due to the annealing that happened to the AA 5052 region and elevated plastic flow in the weld zone by the in-situ induction heating, which resulted in the elongation of the weld region. The microstructure characterization indicates that a refined grain structure was gained in the nugget zone without defects.

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