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Properties of Flame Spraying Coatings Reinforced with Particles of Carbon Nanotubes

 und    | 30. März 2021


The article presents the results of the preliminary research of tribological properties of flame sprayed nickel and aluminum coatings reinforced with carbon nanotubes made on the structural steel S235J0 substrate. The carbon material – carbon nanotubes Nanocyl NC 7000 (0.5 wt.% and 1 wt.%) was used for structural reinforcement. The properties evaluation was made by the use of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, Raman spectroscopy, microhardness measurements, and by means of abrasion and erosion resistance laboratory tests. The obtained results were compared with pure nickel powder coatings 2N5 (Ni 99.5%) and with pure aluminum powder coatings (EN AW 1000 series). It was proved that the flame spraying of nickel and aluminum coatings reinforced with particles carbonaceous material can be an effective alternative for other more advanced surfacing technology. The preliminary test results will be successively extended by further experiments to contribute in the near future to develop innovative technologies, that can be implemented in the aviation industry and the automotive. The presented research is a continuation of the work previously published.

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