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Analogue Modelling of Flow Patterns in Bobbin Friction Stir Welding by the Dark-Field/Bright-Field Illumination Method


The flow-inducing effect of the bobbin-tool features (tri-flat pin and scrolled shoulder) were replicated by a simple analogue model for aluminium welds by layered plasticine samples. Flow patterns of the weld zone were clarified by a typical stereomicroscopy instrument assisted by dark-field/bright-field illumination. The effects of the pin features, specifically threads and flats in centre of bond zone and scrolled shoulder in sides of stirred zone, were identified. This study shows that internal flow features for BFSW welds is transferable from the friction stir welding process to the functional metal forming processes such where the shearing can extensively affect the microstructure. The similarity between the flow pattern of the provided aluminium samples and the plasticine analogue can validate the accuracy of the flow model presented in this work.

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