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Synthesis, Characterization and Some Biological Properties of PVA/PVP/PN Hydrogel Nanocomposites: Antibacterial and Biocompatibility


In this study, it was aimed to synthesize hydrogel based antibacterial, biocompatible and non-toxic wound dressing materials by solvent removal method usingpoly(vinylalcohol) (PVA), poly(vinylpyrolidone) (PVP) and nano pomegranate seed (PN).The morphology, swelling capacity, contact angle, antibacterial activity, biocompatibility and cytotoxicity of the synthesized films were determined. From the experimental findings, it was found that the PN particles were nano-sized, showed homogeneous and spherical distribution and improved the hydrophobic properties of the materials obtained by the addition of PN. And also, their swelling capacities were decreased with increased PN amount and all of the materials showed similar antibacterial activity, hemocompatibility and cytotoxicity.

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