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Building English – Punjabi Aligned Parallel Corpora of Nouns from Comparable Corpora


Comparable corpora are the right resources for extracting parallel data due to their abundant availability. It is of great importance where parallel data are scarce. In this study, the focus is placed on building of parallel data for Punjabi and English language pair. The raw data were collected from web contents of “Mann Ki Baat”, which is a collection of textual speeches of Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi broadcasted every last Sunday of the month. Data were cleaned and pre-processed using a natural language toolkit. An alignment model using BERT was built that aligned two textual files on a sentence level. Furthermore, extraction of noun forms with the help of NLTK library in Python programming was performed. The noun aligned dataset was built for English-Punjabi language pair and made available at Mendeley data repository.

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