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Copper in Household Drinking Water in the City of Zagreb, Croatia


Copper concentration was estimated in tap water samples obtained from 70 households in Zagreb, serviced by a public water supply system. First-draw and flushed samples of tap water were collected in the morning and total copper concentration was determined by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with Zeeman-effect background correction. We also estimated the contribution of plumbing material to copper concentrations in tap water. In households with copper pipes, median and range copper values were 310 μg L-1 [(27 to 632) μg L-1] in first-draw samples and 16 μg L-1 [(5 to 52) μg L-1] in flushed samples. Corresponding values for households with galvanised pipes were 140 μg L-1 [(11 to 289) μg L-1] and 8 μg L-1 [(1 to 42) μg L-1], respectively. Copper concentrations in household tap water in Zagreb were far below the proposed safe limits set by the Croatian and WHO regulations and EPA standards, and drinking water in Zagreb is not a significant source of copper exposure.

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