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Developing science outreach events based on stakeholders’ objectives and expectations – A case study of a lecture day for schools


Science communication is gaining importance in universities, as scientific findings are increasingly communicated in the context of educational outreach events. However, expectations and characteristics of the participants of university-led STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) outreach events remain insufficiently understood from a research perspective. This study examines the expectations of 180 students and ten teachers using questionnaires, and communication objectives with four lecturing scientists using interviews at a university-led STEM outreach event for students, the ‘Darwin Day’ at Kiel University. The results indicate a potential mismatch: While scientists’ primary aim is to inform about their research, students’ main point of interest lies in the everyday working life of scientists and in scientific reasoning. The results suggest that scientists might benefit from support from science communication facilitators to tailor communication objectives to the target group. The results also suggest incorporating Nature of Science approaches more explicitly into science outreach events.

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Volume Open
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Sozialwissenschaften, Pädagogik, Lehrplan und Pädagogik, andere