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Statistical analysis of fibre reinforced frozen soil


Across the globe, cold region areas experience frequent freeze and thaw cycles. Sometimes these natural cycles become so impacteous that the engineering properties of soil get affected adversely and supported structures like pavements damage or collapse by the time. In the present study chicken eggshell powder, sodium chloride and polypropylene fibres were used to stabilise the soil. Strength properties of 21-day cured virgin and treated soil samples were determined after keeping under 3, 5 and 10 freeze–thaw cycles. For durability assessment, mass loss was also determined after the same number of freeze–thaw cycles. Finally, optimal conditions were determined through analysis of variance. Results showed that the natural additives and synthetic fibres promise as better provision against harsh weather conditions. Design of experiments was made by the Taguchi technique using a statistical software Minitab® 17. Further analysis was done to find out the probability distribution of the responses. Probability distribution showed a large variation in the responses that implies that although the results were found satisfactorily as per the engineering purposes, yet not suitable to make any relationship between strength and durability properties.

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