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Description of Deladenus brevis n. sp. (Sphaerularioidea: Neotylenchidae) from Iran: a morphological and molecular phylogenetic study


Deladenus brevis n. sp. is described and illustrated based upon its morphological, morphometric, and molecular characters. The new species is mainly characterized by its small body size (367-454 µm long females and 350, 391 µm long males) and has small lateral vulval flaps. It is further characterized by having six lines in the lateral fields, cephalic region slightly expanded, narrower adjacent to the body, short 6 to 7 µm long stylet with three posteriorly sloped knobs, no post-vulval uterine sac (PUS), conical tail, narrowing to a rounded tip, and rare males with slender tylenchoid spicules and bursa reaching the tail tip. By having six lines in the lateral fields, the new species was compared with five known species of the genus, namely D. apopkaetus, D. cocophilus, D. durus, D. obtusicaudatus, and D. persicus, having comparable number (six or seven) of lines in the lateral fields. It was further compared with D. pakistanensis having lateral vulval flaps. The differences with above-mentioned species are discussed. In molecular phylogenetic analyses using nearly full length small and large subunit ribosomal DNA (SSU and LSU D2-D3 rDNA) and cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI mtDNA) gene sequences, D. brevis n. sp. formed clade with species of the genus with different clade support values in Bayesian inference.

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