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Description of Laimaphelenchus sinensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Aphelenchoididae) from declining Chinese pine, Pinus tabuliformis in Beijing, China


Laimaphelenchus sinensis n. sp. isolated from declining Chinese pine, Pinus tabuliformis Carrière, is described and characterized morphologically and molecularly. The new species has four incisures in the lateral field and the excretory pore situated posterior to the nerve ring; the female has a vulval flap and vaginal sclerotization is quite prominent in majority of specimens. The female tail is conoid, ventrally curved having a single stalk-like terminus with 8 to 10 projections. The male spicules are 14.0 (13.2-15) μm long along curved median line and tail is ventrally curved typical of the genus; however, the projections are less prominent as compared to those of female. The male has two pairs of caudal papillae and Bursa is absent. Phylogenetically, the ribosomal DNA sequences of the new species placed it within Laimaphelenchus clade and are morphologically similar to L. persicus, L. preissii, L. simlaensis and L. unituberculus.

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