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Recurrence of Dupuytren’s disease following surgery – an analysis of the causes and incidence

   | 07. Jan. 2021


The incidence of recurrence Dupuytren’s disease after surgery is estimated up to 50% in relation to progression of the disease, treatment modality and time of the follow-up. The objective of this study was an analysis of the causes and frequency of recurrences among 67 patients following surgery for recurrent Dupuytren’s disease in the author’s institution in the years 2016–2018. The 67 patients comprised 56 men (83%) and 11 women (17%) at a mean age of 59 years (range 40–81), of which 27 patients (40%) had undergone a 2nd operation to the same hand, 22 patients (33%) had undergone a 3rd operation, 14 (21%) had undergone a 4th operation, and the remaining 4 patients had each undergone more than 5 operations on the same hand. The defined rate of recurrence in the analysed period was 20%. The mean time interval from the last operation and the appearance of signs of a relapse was 14 months; in 42 patients (63%) it was less than 1 year (3–12 months) and in the remaining 25 (37%) 1–4 years. Progressing contracture of the previously operated finger and contracture of the adjacent finger which was not involved at the 1st operation, was the most frequently observed pattern of recurrence, found in 29 patients; it was a combination of true recurrence and extension of the disease. The number of operations performed in a given patient was found to be a statistically significant risk factor of recurrence.

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