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Colonic necrosis of vague aetiology presenting scarce clinical and radiological symptoms: a case report


Spontaneous colonic necrosis is very uncommon in a patient without predisposed disorders such as end-stage renal failure in dialysed patients, serious cardiac failure, sepsis, post-traumatic shock, and vascular surgery within an abdominal aorta. This paper presents the case of an elderly patient in whom necrosis of almost the whole colon had occurred within 2 days. At presentation the patient had no clinical symptoms or signs suggesting serious abdominal disease. There was also a lack of biochemical abnormalities and changes in angio-CT. Due to deterioration of the patient’s general condition, he underwent surgery which revealed necrosis of almost the whole colon. The necrotic colon was resected, followed by a terminal ileostomy. Despite the operation, the patient died 2 days after.

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