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Effect of a Near Fault on the Seismic Response of a Base-Isolated Structure with a Soft Storey


This study focuses on the soft-storey behavior of RC structures with lead core rubber bearing (LRB) isolation systems under near and far-fault motions. Under near-fault ground motions, seismic isolation devices might perform poorly because of large isolator displacements caused by large velocity and displacement pulses associated with such strong motions. In this study, four different structural models have been designed to study the effect of soft-storey behavior under near-fault and far-fault motions. The seismic analysis for isolated reinforced concrete buildings is carried out using a nonlinear time history analysis method. Inter-story drifts, absolute acceleration, displacement, base shear forces, hysteretic loops and the distribution of plastic hinges are examined as a result of the analysis. These results show that the performance of a base isolated RC structure is more affected by increasing the height of a story under nearfault motion than under far-fault motion.

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