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Non Standard Work Practices and Its Impact on Children Development, Family Functioning and Health and Safety Concerns in a 24/7 Economy


This main purpose of the study is to investigate upon the impact of non-standard work practices on children development, family functioning and employees’ health and safety concerns in a 24/7 Economy. This paper reviews the concept of 24/7 economy and explores the impact of non-standard work practices. A survey instrument is administered to 400 householders of Mauritius and the questionnaires were further processed and analysed with the statistical programme SPSS 20, by using descriptive and inferential analysis. The results of the findings have demonstrated that changes in children development and family functioning and employees’ health and safety concerns highly impact on the householders. The evidence of numerous associations from the present research have shown that 24/7 economy will give rise to pollution. Indeed, children will be affected by lack of parental time and employees might suffer from health issues with the 24/7 culture. The present research fills the significant gaps in the literature review by generating an integrative functioning framework of the 24/7 economy for island economies.