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Degradability of polylactide films by commercial microbiological preparations for household composters


Environmentally friendly polymers such as polylactide are increasingly becoming available for use in packaging applications. The main advantages of polylactide packaging are evident. Polylactide is based on renewable resources and can be degraded in compost or soil. The studies on degradability of polylactide (PLA) films by commercial preparation of mixture of multi-active saprophytic soil microorganisms, bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi have been done. Unmodified PLA film, metalized co-extruded PLA film and modified by silicon oxide PLA film were incubated in the liquid nutritious medium (TSB) prepared to support the growth of microorganisms. The degradability of polylactide films was examined by macro and microscopic observations of surface, changes of mass and crystallinity of polymer samples before and after incubation. The obtained results indicate that the degradation of polylactide was accelerated by the presence of a biological vaccine. It was found that PLA degradation in the inoculated TSB broth was a result of both: enzymatic and chemical hydrolysis.

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