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Studies on the carbonation of Czatkowice limestone in Calcium Looping process


The growing demand for the reduction of anthropogenic CO2 emissions has stimulated the development of CO2 capture methods. One of the best capture methods comprises the calcium looping process, which incorporates calcium-based sorbents during the calcination and carbonation cycles. Czatkowice limestone may be considered to be a prospective chemical sorbent for the calcium looping process because of its formation characteristics. This paper addresses the thermogravimetric studies conducted under varying conditions of temperature and various concentrations of CO2 during the carbonation cycles. Moreover, a kinetic analysis of the carbonation stage was performed for the calcined sample at varying temperatures. The kinetic parameters for calcination and diffusion were determined. In addition, there was an increase in the concentration of CO2 with an increased carbonation conversion. The research results demonstrate that in further cycles of carbonation/calcination, the calcium sorbent reaches a higher rate of carbonation conversion with increased levels of CO2.

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