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Framework for an Autonomic Transport System in Smart Cities

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Cybernetics and Information Technologies
Special Issue on Control in Transportation Systems


Today the concept of smart cities is discussed in scientific society and politics. A core function of smart cities is transportation. This paper gives a short overview on the concepts for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for smart cities and proposes a framework for the design of an autonomic transportation system that provides personalized mobility services to its users in a smart city setting. The transportation poses extreme environment for ICT systems due to fast moving vehicles and users, requiring real-time acquisition and high performance processing of large scale data, and rapidly changing communication networks topologies and node densities. The aim of this paper is to propose a framework that will act as a reference for the design of future transportation systems that are able to cope with the ever rising system complexities and users’ demands. Therefore, a backbone system providing information at different levels was designed following the principles of a corporative ICT that were proposed in [1]. The framework fulfills the main requirement providing suitable information about the local decision engines in vehicles and infrastructure interacting in smart cities traffic systems.

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