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Selected Properties of Multilayer Films Applied for Vacuum and Modified Atmosphere Packaging Systems


The aim of the research was to determine the selected properties of packaging materials applicable for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging. Six samples of multilayer films with different composition were tested to evaluate the thickness, basic weight, density and the mechanical properties in elongation and puncture tests. Zwick/Roell apparatus equipped with elongation jaws and a puncture pin was used in the experiments. The tensile modulus, tensile strength, elongation at tensile strength, stress at break and work at break were investigated with the elongation test, whereas the breaking force, puncture work and extension at break were evaluated with the puncture test. The obtained results allow conclusion that the thickness and basic weight of the packaging films used in the vacuum system was higher comparing with the MAP system. Analyzing the results of the elongation modulus and stress at break it was reported that the materials used for food packaging in the MAP system were characterized with better properties, whereas elongation at the tensile strength was higher for films applied in the vacuum system, except for a film with a metalized layer. The highest resistance for puncture was evaluated for OPET/PE film used in MAP packaging. The extension at break under the puncture test was higher for films dedicated for vacuum packaging suggesting their better resistance for the mechanical damage by a thin pin. Several correlations between physical and mechanical properties of multilayer films were found.