The objective of the paper was to determine fuel consumption on elimination of the energy willow plantation with current mechanical methods with the use of the machine research model. The paper covers investigations of four machine units. The lowest fuel consumption (142.6 l∙ha−1) with the use of Meri Crusher MJS-2.0) did not ensure effectiveness of operation of this unit. Efficiency of elimination of the plantation in this case is only 36.4%. On the other hand, the highest consumption of diesel oil (776.4 l∙ha−1) was reported for FAO FAR model FV 4088, and the effectiveness of elimination was not satisfactory and it was 57.0%. The highest effectiveness of elimination of the plantation was reported for the model of a new machine. Fuel consumption in this case was 535.7 l∙ha−1 and the willow plantation elimination effectiveness was the highest and it amounted to 94.8%.