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KOOS Questionnaire Assessing Value of Physical Therapy Outcomes in the Case of Patients with Ligament Injuries of the Knees Addressed Surgically

   | Jan 30, 2013


The high frequency of this lesion among the youth who practice various recreational sports and the necessity of postoperative functional recovery have determined to follow the efficiency of kinetotherapy programs in a number of 10 patients with an average age of 27,7. For evaluation, we have used the KOOS (Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score) scale, in order to appreciate especially the patient’s perception on the degree of recovery accomplished by his/her knee; this scale contains criteria linked to the specific pain, to the daily, sportive or recreational activities that the patient can conduct. In all the 5 subscales, we have obtained extremely significant differences from a statistical point of view between the initial and final evaluations - ES (p<0.001).

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